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VCuisine -  Licensed & BYO (Wine only)


Dine-in, Takeaway, Home Delivery

149 Alison Road, Randwick NSW

Open 6 days a week (closed on Tuesday)

Dine In: 

Mon, Wed & Thu: 5pm-9:30pm,

Fri, Sat & Sun 11:30am-3pm (Lunch) & 5pm-10pm (Dinner)

Home Delivery (Free to Randwick):

Mon, Wed & Thu: 5pm-9:30pm

Fri, Sat & Sun 5pm-7:30pm

Take Away:

 Mon, Wed & Thu: 5pm-9:30pm,

Fri, Sat & Sun 11:30am-9:30pm

PH: 9399 9626 


Discover and enjoy the traditional flavours of Vietnamese cuisine, the taste of Asian tropics, savory and delicious foods complemented with the freshness and delightful variety of aromatic herbs

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